Honda CR-V still surpasses Mazda CX-5 after a hard-to-brake 'fault'

Some Honda salespeople said that the braking phenomenon of the CR-V 2019 did not have much impact on customers' buying decisions.

According to VAMA's report, in June 2019, Honda CR-V sales reached 977 vehicles, down more than 300 vehicles compared to May (1,317 vehicles) but still surpassed Mazda CX-5 (832 cars).

June is also the time when some CR-V users in Vietnam reflect on the phenomenon of error and hard brake pedal when using Cruise Control mode.

There has not been any unfortunate incident related to the above error, Honda Vietnam has put forward the processing direction by reinstalling ECU software. The company also recommends that drivers should not put their foot on the brake pedal continuously during driving, while using Cruise Control.

However, this phenomenon partly creates anxiety in people who are buying and going to buy CR-V cars, making sales of this model in June decrease compared to May.

"Many customers want to wait for how to resolve Honda Vietnam then decide whether to buy a car or not," said salesman of Bac Ninh Honda dealer.

"Customers who are using CR-V also share with dealers that this phenomenon appears in a few cars so it does not affect much psychology", Tay Ho Honda dealer staff exchanged by phone.

"Many people believe in Honda's brand, so they remain optimistic," a Honda salesman said.

Currently, some Honda dealers are implementing promotion and discount programs, the highest reduction is VND 30 million depending on each agent. This is seen as a move to stimulate consumption, increase sales after the phenomenon of hard brakes last June.

Ending the first half of 2019, Honda CR-V with sales of 8,104 cars, sold better than Mazda CX-5 reached 6,160 vehicles. Instead of upgrading the CX-5, Mazda Vietnam introduced the CX-8 with the same design as the CX-5 but longer and has 7 seats. The CX-8's engine is also coupled with the CX-5, which is refined to create more efficient operation.

After the impact on the brake pedal when running the cruise control, the Honda CR-V appeared an error, the brake power system did not work.