'Lexus Taiwan' Luxgen S5 bought 1 billion, reselling only 380 million dong

The sedan once dubbed "Lexus Taiwan" has just been offered for sale by owner for VND 380 million, which surprised many people because it was too cheap compared to the new purchase price of more than VND 1 billion.

Recently, a 2013 Luxgen S5 2.0L Turbo was advertised by the owner for just over VND 300 million, which surprised many connoisseurs because the price was too cheap compared to the original price.

It is known that Mr. Duong now sells his Luxgen S5 for 380 million dong, which means that he suffers about 700 million dong after 6 years of using the car. Talking to reporters, Mr. Lang Van Duong, 28 years old in Thai Nguyen said: "This car I bought new since 2013, is a Taiwanese import car. 6 years ago, I bought a car for more than 1 billion. At that time, this car was a luxury vehicle and many people wanted it. "

"This car is still very new in appearance, the car is running smoothly. The car has been rolling for 70,000 km. Everyone says it is cheap, but I also understand the market of used cars for a long time and have to pity for sale at a price. so".

According to observation, Mr. Duong's Luxgen S5 is dark blue and the paint is still shiny. The milky white interior is quite new.

Judging by the price of this car, Mr. Van Giang, owner of an old car showroom in Long Bien, Hanoi, said: “A new car costing less than 1 billion in Vietnam is often considered by many people to be cars. to. After 6 years of using with a total of 70,000 km of rolling for sale of 380 million dong, according to the general situation, it can be said that catastrophic inflation. However, according to my experience, since the launch of the Vietnamese market in 2010, Luxgen cars are not very popular including new and old cars.

According to Mr. Giang, Taiwan's "made in" mentality, China has long been compared by Vietnamese consumers when it has the same high price as Japanese and Korean cars, while the brand is still unfamiliar and the quality is not yet. verified. That is also the reason why Taiwanese brand cars are still difficult to sell in Vietnam. Currently in the market of used cars, Luxgen models only range from 350-500 million VND / unit.

Reportedly, Luxgen S5 2.0T sedan was officially launched in late 2012 and opened for sale in 2013. At the time of launch, many people appreciated the design and equipment of this model. Because the car is equipped with modern technology and safety. The dashboard has a dynamic design, neatly arranged, scientific parts. 9-inch LCD touch screen comes with smart Think + Touch system (produced by Luxgen and HTC phone brand).

Luxgen 5S Sedan was launched in Vietnam at the 2012 Vietnam auto show with two versions of 1.8T and 2.0T. It is equipped with a 2.0L turbocharged engine with a capacity of 127 kW (170 hp), a torque of 256 Nm. Unlike the 1.8T version, which only uses a 5-speed automatic transmission, the 2.0T version uses a 6-speed automatic transmission that makes the car's performance smooth and smoother.